Pflegepersonal des Johanniter-Krankenhauses Geesthacht bei der Besprechung

Modern healthcare by tradition

Nursing has special status within a hospital of the Order of St John. It is part of a tradition that goes back more than 900 years. The Order's first hospital for the treatment of sick pilgrims in Jerusalem reveals the values to which we are still committed today: care of the sick out of compassion, but also in a way that is cosmopolitan and medically progressive. For our nursing staff, this means first of all establishing a sustainable nursing relationship with each patient within a short timeframe, and making their own work transparent. In order to ensure a high quality of nursing care, work processes and nursing services are clearly defined by basic nursing standards and treatment nursing standards. Continuous written documentation of nursing processes and individual nursing measures enable quality assurance.

In our hospital, the concept of quality assurance in nursing includes a kinaesthetic way of working, in addition to an extensive range of further training courses. The concept of kinaesthetics enables an analytical examination of the patient's condition and of nursing activities. The learning of specialist movement competencies by our nursing staff supports holistic, process-oriented nursing care.