Außenansicht des Johanniter-Krankenhauses Geesthacht
Expertise and Christian love

In the tradition of the Protestant Order of St John, Johanniter-Krankenhaus Geesthacht combines medical expertise with genuine care.

About us

With more than 30,000 patients treated every year, Johanniter-Krankenhaus Geesthacht provides round-the-clock inpatient and outpatient care within Geesthacht and the surrounding communities. Your health is our focus. Here you will find an overview of the most important information about our hospital.

Academic teaching hospital

To ensure high standards of nursing and high quality medical practices, we work closely with the Eppendorf University Hospital as an academic teaching hospital.

Your well-being is the focus of the employees

The primary concern of our 500 employees, of other staff working within:

Specialist centres, including

Our specialist wards, including

as well as all our employees from the large area of nursing and healthcare, is to care for your well-being and to maintain or restore your health. In doing so, we rely on the highest quality standards in medicine and care, while at the same time maintaining a high level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Cooperations expand our range of services

Regional partners support us in our work and allow us to expand our range of services, e.g.:

You will find these practices in or at our hospital. This ensures shorter distances and seamless care.