Cambodia: Better agriculture despite climate change

The climate change has a particularly significant impact on Cambodia's population, as 80% of its population lives in rural areas. They are particularly dependent on agriculture and natural resources. With our partner Live & Learn Cambodia (LLC), we support farmers and rural communities since June 2020.

“I hope I can scale up my home garden in the future. And I believe I can be a model farmer,” says Ken Bunthoeun a 29-year-old farmer and beneficiary of the project.

The goal of Johanniter and Live & Learn is to support farmers and rural households in 45 villages to adopt climate-smart and productive agricultural practices. The project started in June 2020 and will continue until 2024, with many farmers already receiving training on effective integrated farming, climate-smart farming techniques, and harvest and stock management techniques.

Enhancing the resilience to climate change

In the three provinces where the project is being implemented, 85% of the population is dependent on agriculture and natural resources. Climate change has severely affected the region in the last few years. Flooding and deforestation are just some impacts the population has to live with. Therefore, Johanniter, together with their partner LLC, supports farmers by strengthening their resilience to climate change.

Over the past two years, this has helped 1000 farmers increase their yields and the quality of their products. It has also been possible to support 220 households in rural areas. This was done through the provision of bio-digesters, solar pump systems, and the set-up of a clean water distribution system. 

"This project brought me back home"

Ken Bunthoeun lives in the Stung Treng province and is the head of a family of six. Earlier he worked as a construction worker and only found jobs far away from home. Through the project, he was now able to come home and stay.

Now, I will not migrate for a low-paid job. My home garden and animal raising is the main source of our daily income. I don't need to take a risky migration again.
Ken Bunthoeun

Bunthoeun received a solar pump, a water storage tank, a compost-making house and training sessions on agriculture through the project. He now grows various vegetables on a 50 square meter piece of land. Likewise, raising chickens and cows is another additional income for his family. Compared to the time before his participation in the project, he has seen an increase in his income and working techniques.

Mädchen auf einem Feld in Kambodscha

International Assistance in Cambodia

In Cambodia, the fight against poverty and hunger is the focus of our work. Innovative approaches promote adaption to climate change and strengthen particularly vulnerable communities.

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