Psychological counselling and support for tumour diseases

For patients and their relatives, the diagnosis of cancer often represents a heavy burden and a lasting life experience.

Many react with fear, sadness, or anger. The consequences of cancer and its treatment can affect many areas of life; physical well-being and performance, mental balance, relationships within the family and circles of friends, as well as professional life going forward. Often questions arise about the meaning of life and different life perspectives.

Some find their own way of dealing with the disease. For others, psychological or psycho-oncological support can be a good help when the stress is experienced as too strong and persistent, or their own resources reach their limits.

Our aim is to work with you to find ways to relieve stress and support you in reinforcing existing sources of strength or finding new ones.

Our services

Individual sessions and counselling for couples and families on the following topics:

  • Support during the diagnostic phase and the course of therapy in the hospital
  • Support in coping with the disease
  • Dealing with stressful emotions such as anxiety and depressive reactions
  • Coping with stress and crises
  • Assistance in interaction with children
  • Instruction and training in relaxation and imaginative techniques
  • Support during the last days of life
  • Psycho-oncological counselling

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