Dysplasia consultation

For cases of changes in the skin and mucous membranes of the cervix, cervix, vagina, and labia.

Our dysplasia consultation is a special consultation for women with skin and/or mucous membrane changes of the internal and external genitals (cervix, cervix, vagina, and labia).

In which cases are you referred for our dysplasia consultation?

If, as part of your cancer screening at your gynaecologist:

  • the cell smear from the cervix was abnormal,
  • the microscopic examination of the cervix revealed an unclear finding, or
  • an unclear change in the external genitals has been detected,

then your gynaecologist can refer you to our dysplasia consultation for further diagnosis and therapy, where we will provide you with comprehensive medical care and advice.

What examinations are carried out during the dysplasia consultation?

  • We carry out the following examinations as part of the dysplasia consultation:
  • Colposcopy/vulvoscopy (microscopic examination of the skin and mucous membrane).
  • Taking tissue samples for fine tissue examination.
  • Ultrasound examination.

What happens after the dysplasia consultation?

Whether a therapy is necessary and what kind it should be, will be explained in a personal interview with you upon the presentation of all findings.

Our goal is optimal therapy planning. For this purpose, we have currently recognised therapy methods at our disposal, which can be individually adapted by combining them:

  • Drug therapy.
  • Conisation (cone removal of a piece of tissue from the cervix in the case of advanced changes).

In most cases, the therapy is performed as an outpatient procedure. Our concern is carrying out the necessary treatment as gently as possible.