Obstetrics consultation

Appointments: held on tuesdays, arranged by telephone

The obstetric consultation offers women, after referral by a doctor, a further opportunity for monitoring in cases of a high-risk pregnancy or for birth planning, for example in the case of a breech presentation, large child, or after uterine surgery. Consultation hours can generally be arranged at short notice, at any time if required.

In cases of a high-risk pregnancy, additional examinations should be carried out according to the respective indication, such as blood flow examinations on the child and on the mother (Doppler sonography), and also further ultrasound examinations, or if necessary, specific laboratory examinations, but under inpatient conditions. This way, any risk to the child and the mother can be identified at an early stage; any treatment that may be necessary is often carried out on an inpatient basis and can be initiated immediately after the examination, if necessary.

Typical cases for a consultation:

Birth planning for:

  • Fear of childbirth
  • Maternal risk factors, such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, coagulation disorders, addiction, or conditions after uterine surgery (e.g. caesarean section)
  • A child that is too big or too small
  • Twin pregnancies
  • Breech presentation

Monitoring over the course of pregnancy with extended ultrasound in case of special features in the mother's history

  • Maternal anxiety
  • Infantile growth disorders (small or large child)
  • High blood pressure, "pregnancy poisoning"/ gestosis
  • Twin pregnancies
  • Blood sugar disease

Get to know our ward

Hebamme Tanja Thiemann stellt Ihnen die geburtshilfliche Abteilung des Johanniter-Krankenhauses in Geesthacht vor.
Midwife Tanja Thiemann introduces you to the obstetrics ward of Johanniter Hospital in Geesthacht. (in German)