Uterus and ovary consultation

For cases of benign and malignant diseases of the uterus and ovaries

In this special consultation, the gynaecology team of Johanniter-Krankenhaus Geesthacht offers you individual consultation and therapy planning for benign and malignant diseases of the uterus and ovaries.

How does a uterus and ovary consultation work?

Based on a detailed gynaecological examination using special gynaecological ultrasound techniques, we discuss further procedures with the patient.

The uterus can often be preserved, e.g. through:

  • sclerotherapy of the uterus in cases of heavy bleeding
  • the targeted surgical removal of myomas
  • conservative therapy

What happens in case of surgical therapy?

In cases of surgical therapy, the gynaecology team covers the entire surgical spectrum (vaginal surgery, minimally invasive surgery, abdominal incision). In an individual surgery planning interview, we inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of the corresponding surgical methods. A date for surgery can then usually be selected together, flexibly, according to your wishes.

Our range of services

  • Sclerotherapy of the uterine lining by hyperthermia
  • Removal of myomas (benign muscular nodules in the uterus), e.g. in the case of a desire to have children, by abdominal incision or minimally invasive surgery (keyhole technique)
  • Minimally invasive removal of the uterus, either preserving the cervix (supracervical) or complete removal (total)
  • Vaginal removal of the uterus (more likely to be possible if vaginal births have taken place), also in combination with incontinence or descent surgery
  • Removal of the uterus by abdominal incision (e.g. in the case of a previous caesarean section, if the uterus is very enlarged, or if there are malignant changes in the uterus/cervix)
  • Removal of one or both ovaries in the case of benign or unclear changes, primarily as a minimally invasive surgery; in the case of malignant diseases, an abdominal incision is usually necessary

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