Holistic Nursing & Care

Our image of humanity

At the Neurological Rehabilitation Centre Godeshöhe, we provide holistic care according to Monika Krohwinkel's nursing model. This understands the person as a unit of physical-functional, voluntary-emotional, and cultural-social needs, which is the focus of nursing care. Accordingly, care is oriented towards the physical, emotional, and mental needs of each individual patient. An important role in the evaluation of the respective patient's needs, as well as the implementation of adequate care measures, is also played by the relatives, because they still know the person affected best!

Regardless of cultural origin, social situation, or religious affiliation, we value every person equally; we stand up for this and it is also reflected in our nursing activities!

Holistic Nursing and Care, optimal wound management and comprehensive counselling: we make sure that our patients always feel well taken care of.

Therapeutic-activating healthcare

All therapeutic nursing tasks are planned and executed in close cooperation with the medical and/or therapeutic wards and specialised departments: We work closely with the patients and thus also take on important tasks in close cooperation with the medical team and therapists: With our 24-hour nursing management, we support the success of all medical-therapeutic measures.

Our healthcare process

The nursing process begins immediately after admission: the patient is examined by experienced nursing staff, after which a computer-assisted assessment of the nursing needs and the existing nursing risks is made. This guarantees optimal support and safety for the patients at all times. The patient's health care needs are not only evaluated and adjusted during the weekly multidisciplinary team rounds, but also on an ongoing basis. In this way, the treatment always corresponds to the patient’s current need for support.

Comprehensive care around the clock

Continuous further training of our nursing staff, modern nursing processes, and a multidisciplinary treatment concept ensure professional nursing care according to current standards. We guarantee comprehensive nursing care around the clock and take care of all the questions, concerns, and needs of our patients: every individual should feel well looked after. This is what our nursing staff are committed to - from the nursing director to the intra-hospital transport service!

Wound management

The wound management team takes care of treating chronic and poorly healing wounds efficiently so that they affect the success of the therapy as little as possible.

Ecological aspects of our work

Already the Roman poet Juvenal knew: "A healthy mind belongs in a healthy body"; we in turn believe that the healthy body also belongs in a healthy environment. This is also reflected in our daily work: we as nursing staff at the Godeshöhe Neurological Rehabilitation Centre are committed to an ecologically sustainable, resource-conserving way of thinking and behaving, and we act accordingly.

Our care objectives

In full agreement with German social legislation, we strive for our patients to have the best possible participation in their own lives, despite their respective physical impairments.

The goals of our work as nursing staff are therefore, in addition to the prevention of further consequential damage resulting from the respective underlying disease, above all, the preservation, restoration, and further development of the abilities of our patients, in order to help them achieve the greatest possible independence despite their limitations!

For our patients

Our patients should feel comfortable with us. In addition to medical care and nursing, our other services also contribute to this. In addition to a library, kiosk, and cafeteria, we offer a wide range of sports and leisure activities.

About your stay

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