One focus of our clinic is neuro-urology. This speciality lies at the interface of urology and neurology. The focus is on diagnostics and therapy of functional disorders of the urological organs after damage to the nerves that control them.

Neuro-urology is a relatively young field of medicine that has emerged from the urological rehabilitation of paraplegic patients in recent decades. Nevertheless, neurourology can already offer an enormous increase in knowledge and considerable treatment successes. Today, for example, nine out of ten patients with bladder dysfunction can be treated successfully.

The Services of Neuro-urological Diagnostics

  • Complex incontinence investigations
  • Urine examinations
  • Videourodynamic examinations
  • Urological X-ray diagnostics
  • Endoscopy/endourology
  • Sonography of the urinary tract and genital organs
  • Neuro-urological-neurophysiological examinations

Goals of Neuro-urology

With our differentiated diagnostics and individualistic treatment of neurogenic and complicated urinary bladder dysfunctions, we strive for the greatest possible independence and voluntary control of vegetative functional deficits for our patients.


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