Medical and technical equipment

State-of-the-art equipment for the best care

The equipment of our Johanniter Clinic in Bad Godesberg, with medical-technical devices for rehabilitation-specific diagnostics, therapy, and care, meets the most modern requirements.

Furthermore, the clinic offers:

  • Environmental control aids
  • Ceiling lift systems in the E-building cross-section centre
  • Mobility aids (wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, rollators, stair-climbing aids, splints, corsets)
  • Activities of Daily Living aids/occupational therapy (bath lifter, bath board, grip adaptations)
  • Communication aids/occupational therapy (bells of different adaptations)
  • Electrical stimulation devices/occupational therapy
  • Medical treadmills/ KG
  • Computer tomography
  • Conventional X-ray unit and C-arm (as well as two mobile X-ray units)
  • Sonography unit with four different transducers (3S, M9, M12L, 4C) for abdominal sonography, thyroid sonography, TTE, and colour Doppler and duplex sonography of vessels
  • Sonography unit for transcranial Doppler examination
  • Transoesophageal echocardiography
  • Electroencephalography device
  • ECG devices (as well as long-term ECG devices)
  • Electrophysiological measuring station with VEP, SEP, AEP
  • Intervention room for gastroscopy, and PEG and PEJ insertion, as well as tracheostoma closure
  • Infusion warming unit
  • Mobile unit consisting of endoscope and equipment for recording and evaluating the fibre-endoscopic evaluation of the swallowing act, which supports flexible use in patients' rooms
  • C-arm in the area of the video-urodynamic measuring station
  • Urodynamic measuring station without radiological imaging
  • Ultrasound units with sector, linear, vaginal, and transrectal prostate transducer
  • Flexible cystoscope (as well as rigid cystoscopes)
  • Bladder scan devices
  • Mobile ultrasound scanner