Outpatient Clinics

Patients with statutory health insurance with a referral from their treating neurologist (referral to a specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine) and patients with private health insurance are treated in the outpatient clinics.


Outpatient Clinic for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Here we treat patients with movement disorders, among other things. In addition to diagnostic questions, we offer co-treatment, especially for special forms of therapy such as deep brain stimulation, drug pump treatments, or therapy with botulinum toxin.

Movement Therapy


Outpatient Clinic for Neuro-Urology

This outpatient clinic deals with the diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders of the urological organs after damage to the nerves controlling them.



Therapy Practice Godeshöhe

One focus of our work is the treatment of disorders of the central nervous system, for example multiple sclerosis, craniocerebral trauma, Parkinson's disease, polyneuropathies, or strokes. The close cooperation between physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy enables us to offer you effective rehabilitation. If medically indicated, we are also happy to treat you at home.

For our patients

Our patients should feel comfortable with us. In addition to medical care and nursing, our other services also contribute to this. In addition to a library, kiosk and cafeteria, we offer a wide range of sports and leisure activities.