In order for our patients to find their way back to an independent life as quickly as possible, we use the whole range of therapeutic procedures at the Neurological Rehabilitation Centre Godeshöhe and make use of comprehensive cognitive and motor rehabilitation options.

Achieving the best results together

Therapists from different disciplines work closely together with the entire treatment team on sensory-motor, cognitive, and social training - and of course across all disciplines. In the same way, we bring the relatives of our patients into the team and include them in the therapy process: together we achieve the best results.

  • Motoric rehabilitation

    The aim of motoric rehabilitation is to restore or improve functional health and everyday skills. Our patients should, if possible, be able to move independently again across all areas of life.


  • Cognitive rehabilitation

    In cognitive rehabilitation, we work with our brain's ability to regenerate, reorganise, and form new connections. They enable us to learn new things or restore old skills.