Paraplegic Centre

In our state-of-the-art Paraplegic Centre, we treat patients with spinal cord damage caused by accidents or diseases - regardless of the severity and lesion level. This also includes patients with high cervical spinal cord paralysis requiring ventilation.

Our department is currently one of the 25 nationally-recognised treatment centres for paraplegics and is a model facility of the Federal Government.

Our services

  • Physiotherapy, sports therapy, and occupational therapy
  • Robot-assisted treadmill therapy (Lokomat®)
  • Robot-assisted arm rehabilitation (Armeo®)
  • Weaning from ventilation
  • Adjustment of home ventilation
  • Drug treatment
  • Special antispastic therapy (botulinum toxin, baclofen pumps)
  • Psychological support
  • Treatment of neurogenic bladder and micturition disorders
  • Neuro-urological functional diagnostics
  • Neuro-urological, minimally invasive surgery
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Traffic medical counselling and assessment
  • Counselling and support by those affected themselves (peer counselling)

Furnishings and equipment

The building, which opened in 2007, was designed to meet the needs of our patients in every respect: bright, spacious rooms sized for wheelchair users - some with a view over the Rhine valley and Siebengebirge, all equipped with: barrier-free bathrooms; telephone, internet, and TV, that can also be operated by highly paralysed patients, with head, mouth, or voice controls; patient lift systems; the possibility of ventilation and monitor monitoring.

Therapies at the Neurological Rehabilitation Centre Godeshöhe

For the best possible treatment and therapy, we also have a wide range of therapy facilities and training equipment according to the latest standards - including robot-assisted rehabilitation, a gym, and a swimming pool.


Cooperation with Bonn University Hospital

Our Paraplegic Centre is supported by the University Hospital Bonn. Through this close cooperation, all the therapeutic options of the university hospital are available to us. All surgical interventions for the treatment of complications typical of paralysis, or for the treatment of other diseases not related to paralysis, are performed there.

About your stay

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