Medical-Vocational Rehabilitation

Ways to a professional future

One focus of our clinic is medical-vocational rehabilitation. The decisive task is the assessment of our patients' ability to work and the measure of the individual possibilities of their reintegration into working life.

The aim of our work is to analyse, maintain, improve, or restore, in the foreseeable future, the patients' performance in working life according to their abilities. Our top priority is to reintegrate our patients into work and their careers as permanently as possible. If it is not possible to resume their last occupation, we work with our patients to find a way to reorient themselves professionally.

Our services

  • Medical functional therapies
  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Neuroeducational training
  • Stress testing
  • Vocational pedagogical assessment
  • Neuropsychological diagnostics

Modular Rehabilitation Concept

We work according to a modular therapy concept to facilitate the transition from medical to vocational rehabilitation. Most of our patients require medical functional therapies across the areas of motor skills, cognition, speech, and drug treatment. This modular approach allows us to tailor our measures precisely to the individual needs of each patient - for the best possible treatment results.

Vocational pedagogical assessment and neuropsychological diagnostics are just as much a part of our services as occupational therapy assessment, stress testing, and external testing in close coordination with the respective funding agency.

  • Back into life in small steps

    The mobilisation of severely affected patients is a treatment focus of our physiotherapy. We activate our patients in small steps after a long period of lying in a coma. Specially trained physiotherapists bring a great deal of expertise, empathy, and sensitivity to this task.


  • Harnessing abilities again

    Our brain has the ability to regenerate, reorganise, and form new connections. This opens up the possibility for patients to learn new things or to make old abilities usable again. In Cognitive Rehabilitation we work with this potential.


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