Motoric Rehabilitation

Restoring functional health

Neurological rehabilitation is often about the consequences of severe illnesses, which turn everything that was previously taken for granted into a new challenge.

Motoric rehabilitation is of central importance here. Its goal is to restore or improve functional health and everyday skills. Our patients should, if possible, be able to move again independently and without restriction across all areas of life.

Our therapies

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Sports therapy
  • Individual and group therapy

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Individual treatment and advice

Of course, we always adapt our treatments to the individual conditions, disabilities, and potentials of our patients. We integrate physiological, cognitive, and motivational aspects into all forms of treatment and therapy.

Specially trained physiotherapists bring a lot of expertise, empathy, and sensitivity to this. We help severely affected patients with treatment teams in which two therapists simultaneously support individual progress.

We provide temporary aids in-house, and adapt wheelchairs, walking aids, and other aids. Of course, we also provide advice and support for the final provision of aids at home. We familiarise our patients' relatives with this subject and advise them in detail.

About your stay

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