Case management, nursing and social counselling

An illness is always a drastic event in our lives. It often requires a great deal of support, now and in the future. The illness and the stay in our clinic often interrupt usual everyday life in a drastic way. It is a new situation that raises questions and worries for future everyday life.

Detailed advice and assistance

The team of the Case Management Department is your contact for questions of post-hospital care. With a view to the period of life after hospitalisation, we advise you, your relatives, and legal guardians on socio-legal and care-related issues.

In an initial discussion with patients, relatives, and legal guardians, we clarify the current needs and living situation. In the further course, we plan the post-hospital care and nursing with a view to life after the stay in the clinic. In doing so, we focus exclusively on the individual needs of each patient and their particular situation. We try to maintain the successes achieved during care beyond release - and, if possible, to expand them even further. Assistance for self-help and the possibility of a self-determined life are top priorities. In this context, we also provide information about financial assistance and the benefits of long-term care insurance.

Decisions on all areas of post-hospital care are, of course, made by the individual patient or their representative. We support them with expertise and detailed information on options and alternatives.

Our team creates a very important complement to medical, nursing, and therapeutic care. Integrated into the multidisciplinary team of the clinic, we work closely with other departments. In this way, we ensure communication with all those involved in the care of a patient.

Our tasks at a glance

We advise our patients and their carers on:

  • Options for post-hospital care
  • Long-term care insurance benefits
  • Disability certificates, social welfare, and social law matters
  • Lasting powers of attorney and the initiation of care
  • Care services, social services, meals on wheels, home emergency call, and home economics

We coordinate

  • the post-hospital care through home nursing care
  • the transition to short-term care, day care, full inpatient care, palliative care, residential communities, assisted living
  • and intensive care as well as mobile intensive care services