Neuro-Radiology deals with the imaging and assessment of the nervous system using imaging techniques. Our ward, which was opened in 2011, is directly connected to the intensive care unit of the University Hospital of Bonn - Godeshöhe site- and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This ensures short distances and the quick use of targeted diagnostics.

Our services in neuroradiological diagnostics

  • Multi-line spiral computed tomography (CT)
  • Stationary flat-panel detector X-ray system
  • Mobile X-ray equipment

In addition, our hospital offers the following neurological diagnostics

  • Electroencephalography
  • Electromyography
  • Electroneurography
  • Evoked potentials in all modalities
  • Electrocardiography
  • All neurologically relevant ultrasound procedures
  • Echocardiography

Comprehensive diagnostics and therapy

The diagnostic facilities of our clinic are subject to the guidelines of the German Society for Clinical Neurophysiology, among others. Therefore, our doctors have the corresponding qualification certificates to ensure the highest standards.

At the Neurological Rehabilitation Centre Godeshöhe, we carry out interdisciplinary diagnostics quickly and easily in cooperation with partner institutions. The most important clinical disciplines are represented in our hospital within the framework of a so-called consultation system. Through close networking with our cooperation partners, we also enable our patients to make seamless transitions to the corresponding specialist departments if necessary.

About your stay

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