Das Schulungskonzept des "Christoph Life" wurde 2012 als ausgewählter Ort im "Land der Ideen" prämiert

Vibrations, engine and rotor noise, several radio frequencies running simultaneously, enormous time-pressure and flight conditions with fast acceleration and enormous speeds create a very unique working environment for the crew of a "Christoph" rescue helicopter. Even communication within the crew is only possible via the intercom, and the external air traffic communication as well as communication with the fire department's command centre must always be taken into account.

Modern medical equipment

At the same time the crew provides the best medical treatment for the seriously ill or multiple injured patient using the most modern medical equipment and the highest scientific standards. During emergency situations a patient's conditions often change within seconds, they demand highest concentration while monitoring and require fast analysis of occuring problems and reliable decisions for life-saving interventions.

For both of these tasks to run in parallel the continuous perfect teamwork of the three crewmembers pilot, paramedic and physician on board the "Christoph" rescue helicopter is an indispensable precondition.

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Rescue and medical training

The conventional rescue and medical training can only partially prepare the helicopter crew for the exceptional and extreme conditions. Any realistic training which wants to take these factors into account must simulate these everyday requirements as realistically as possible.

Today, using modern means of medical simulation, typical rescue helicopter missions including difficult, rare or exceptional cases which the crew has to deal with time and again in real life, can be simulated very close to reality. However, the instrument of realistic medical simulation has not been sufficiently used yet.

In many conversations with colleagues from different helicopter stations and ground-based medical personnel the need to establish such a new, progressive training system has become clear. In addition experts from the field of medicine and teaching have been asking for some time for the implementation of such a concept into medicine.

Dynamic training concept

The implementation of this visionary, modern and very dynamic training concept for rescue helicopter crews is the aim of Christoph Life. Patient treatment in the air ambulance service will be improved further by the intensive and realistic training of the responsible personnel. Training with this simulator will be available for helicopter crews from all over Germany.

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