Therapies in Cognitive Rehabilitation

At the Neurological Rehabilitation Centre Godeshöhe, we try to support the reintegration of patients into family and work with neuropsychology, psychotherapy, pedagogy, and speech therapy. Here you can find out more about the individual forms of therapy in cognitive rehabilitation.


Neuropsychology, Psychotherapy, Pedagogy

In addition to neuropsychological diagnostics and the individual therapy plan, our treatment offer includes psychological counselling and support for patients - also with their relatives. Here we have summarised the most important points for you.

Speech therapy: Overcoming speechlessness

As a result of neurological disease patterns, the patients' ability to speak is often affected - and thus so is one of the most important aspects of social life: communication with others.

Speech therapy deals with the diagnosis and therapy of centrally-caused speech and language disorders, reading and writing disorders, facial paralysis, and swallowing disorders.

Art therapy

The goal and task of every art therapy treatment is the activation of individual resources, the mediation of positive self-experience, and expansion of one's own experience and actions from artistic experiences, as well as the experience of self-design competence.

Through one's own creative expression, the processing of an illness is supported, and a sense of well-being is fostered. Art therapy is offered as both an individual and group therapy. The work with patients is resource-oriented, emotion-regulating, and ego-strengthening.

About your stay

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