The problems in rescue helicopters such as massive acceleration, enormous speeds, vibrations, engine and rotor blade noise, several radio frequencies running in parallel, restricted visibility, significantly reduced communication with the patient, spatial restrictions, heat and cold, poor accessibility of the patient, as well as safety in air traffic altogether make life even more arduous for the crew of a rescue helicopter.

In this context simulator training for rescue helicopter crews in a controlled environment with a fully-equipped original rescue helicopter model can be the basis for a professional air ambulance service. Appropriate debriefing after each scenario is a vital part of this.

Simulator training Christoph Life

  • Crew Resource Management (CRM): CRM is integrated into these courses. Here cooperation, attentiveness, leadership and decision making are trained. Permanent awareness of processes and procedures in air rescue increases the professionalism and coordinates all resources of a flight crew. Team spirit increases and flight or medical incidents due to human failure are reduced.
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM): Also practising and first experiences with CISM, the processing of critical events for individual crew members, is part of this course.

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