Frauen und Kinder auf einer Straße in Indonesien
In Indonesia

we are supporting communities on the island of Sulawesi following the devastating earthquakes in September 2018. Our focus is on reconstruction and disaster preparedness.

International Assistance in Indonesia

Why We Are On Site

Indonesia is the largest country of islands in the world, and is regularly affected by natural disasters. Along with volcano eruptions, there are often earthquakes and seaquakes, which trigger tsunamis and destroy entire villages and city districts. In September 2018, Central Sulawesi was hit by such a catastrophe and 4,000 people died. Fast help is often not possible because the country is comprised of thousands of islands and lacks sufficient infrastructure.

Years Active in the Country
We have been helping in Indonesia since 2006
form the land area of Indonesia
could be reached in 2021
Partner Organisations
implement the projects on the ground

What We Achieve Together with Our Partner Organisations

After the devastating catastrophe in September 2018, Johanniter International Assistance reactivated its activities in Indonesia. Local partner organisations in Central Sulawesi were initially supported in the distribution of relief items and the supply of drinking water.

This was followed by reconstruction of the basic infrastructure. Particular attention is being paid to restoring the water and sanitation services that many communities lost in the disaster. In addition, our partner organisations support the affected communities in disaster preparedness, so that they are better prepared for natural disasters in the future.

Project News from Indonesia

  • Disaster preparedness: preventing suffering before it happens

    In 2018, a severe earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Central Sulawesi. Further quakes, a severe volcanic eruption and tsunamis followed. We are committed to prevention work to improve the protection of people against future disasters.

  • Ein kleiner Junge füllt ein Fass mit Trinkwagen aus einem Tanklaster von INANTA

    Resolving Difficulties with Knowledge


    Our partner organisation INANTA is helping to raise the population's awareness of disaster prevention and emergency relief measures. Knowledge transfer plays a key role.