International Activites Report 2020

The International Activities Report 2020 looks back at the coronavirus year 2020 that has deepened existing crises and pushed health systems around the world to their limits. In 16 project countries, we have countered this development with our own teams and 55 partners. Find here an abridged version of our Report, which focuses primarily on strategic innovations and progress, as well as the increased importance of organisational development, including a comprehensive Safeguarding concept. 


Here you can download the International Activities Report 2020 as PDF file.

International Activities Report 2019

In 2019, Johanniter International Assistance improved the lives of more than two million people through 75 projects. The main focus was on health, but also on access to clean drinking water and hygiene, and the treatment of malnourished people. A special task was the deployment of the Emergency Medical Team after cyclone Idai, which hit Mozambique severely in March 2019. " Our team showed what effective disaster response looks like in practice", explains Wesemann. Following the emergency response, Johanniter and its local partner organisations supported the reconstruction after the disaster.

Beside our own committed teams in South Sudan and DR Congo, our 51 partner organisations made the difference on the ground. They know the communities, their needs and hardships. Together with them, we were able to provide targeted and needs-oriented support where it was most needed last year.

Here you can download the International Activities Report 2019 as PDF file.

International Activities Report 2018

Johanniter International Assistance made a next important step in 2018. We worked together with 55 partner organisations worldwide on joint projects. One example of this cooperation is the GROWTH project in Southeast Asia. It aims to improve localisation of aid in a long term. Approximately 680,000 people have received support with water, sanitation and hygiene measures, for example by setting up a water supply system for indigenous communities in the highlands of Ecuador.

Around 1.7 million people worldwide were reached with basic medical care provided by Johanniter; more than 160,000 people have been able to sustainably improve their nutrition and livelihoods. Nearly 12,000 people were attended with emergency assistance by Johanniter after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Indonesia last year.

Here you can download the International Activities Report 2018 as PDF file.

Report “Country Based Pooled Funds – A Reality Check”

This study “Country Based Pooled Funds – A Reality Check” is a collaborative effort of Caritas Germany, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Johanniter International Assistance, Malteser International and Deutsche Welthungerhilfe. It provides an assessment of how German INGOs and their local partners have been able to access Country-Based Pooled Funds (CBPFs) to finance their projects and the obstacles that limit their access, to describe best practices, and to offer recommendations.

Here you can download the Report “Country Based Pooled Funds – A Reality Check” as PDF file.

International Activities Report 2017

Many project activities implemented by Johanniter International Assistance in 2017 increased the resilience of healthcare systems in regions hit by crises in order to facilitate access to high quality healthcare based on the needs of the affected people. This includes strengthening the infrastructure of primary healthcare facilities and basic and advanced training for medical staff. Preventive measures such as health and hygiene promotion as well as mother and child preventive healthcare form the core of our work. Know more about it in our Report 2017 with stories from Nepal and South Sudan, and about our others approaches in nutrition, WASH or food security.


Here you can download the International Activities Report 2017 as PDF file.

Project Report 2016

One major focus of Johanniter‘s international work in 2016 was providing support for refugees and displaced people. In July 2016, the violent clashes that have blighted South Sudan since 2013 escalated further, obliging Johanniter to evacuate its international staff to neighbouring Kenya for several months. Although many of the regular project activities had to be temporarily suspended, over 150 local colleagues remained in the country to take care of the many internally displaced people. Johanniter also expanded its operations in the Middle East: In Jordan and Lebanon, Johanniter provided support to people in refugee camps, as well as to host families and communities which have taken in refugees. At all, 527.000 refugees and IDP received relief goods, food, psychosocial support and medical care.

Here you can download the Project Report 2016 as PDF file.

Strategy 2025 of Johanniter International Assistance

Together with people all around the world Johanniter International Assistance are striving for a life of dignity and health – in times of crisis and for a better future. To achieve this vision, Johanniter has defined two main goals in its Strategy 2025: Ensuring immediate survival and strengthening resilience.

Here you can download our strategy as PDF file.

"Putting People First" - Report and Evaluation of P-FIM exercises in Germany and DR Congo

Addressing the central recommendation from the World Humanitarian Summit 2016 of ‘putting people first’, the „People First Impact Method“ (P-FIM) is a cost effective and efficient way to ensure that humanitarian response is timely, relevant and appropriate, where communities play their rightful role and the dignity of people affected by crisis is respected. It strengthens local civil society and enables humanitarian actors to build on existing structures, instead of creating parallel ones. P-FIM allows communities to identify the important changes in their lives and what these are attributable to and reveals the wider dynamics within the life of a community.

Therefore, two exercises in Germany and DR Congo were focused in participatory communication, open questioning, listening techniques and integrated human development. For most participants the trainings were eye-opening and it is impressive to read how they managed to integrate the learnings into their professional work and private lives.

Here you can download the whole report in english and french as PDF file.

Project Report 2015

In 2015, Johanniter International Assistance offered primary health care services to more than a million patientes around the world. More than 135,000 people had access to clean water and sanitation. 450,000 persons have been reached for disaster preparedness and 232,000 were supported in relation to livelihood and food security.

The report also takes a special focus to our claim for revise the strategic approach of our work. Beside our core competency of primary health care, activities of Johanniter in future will be geared towards two main goals: Ensuring survival of people after disasters and during ongoing crisis, as well as strengthening resilience of people in high-risk countries.

Here you can download the Project Report 2015 as PDF file.

Project Report 2014

In 2014, more than 1.4 million people worldwide gained access to medical care and preventive measures as a result of our work.

We supported more than 160,000 Syrians with relief goods, food and healthcare in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

We also helped refugees and internally displaced people in many other countries – in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo or Kenya.
Johanniter also assists people after natural disasters, like the earthquakes in Nepal, and acts preventively, to help people adapt to climate change and to better prepare for future disasters.
You can learn more about our world wide commitment in the Project Report 2014.

Here you can download the Project Report 2014 as PDF file.

Project Report 2012

2012 was characterised less by unexpected disaster response missions than by scheduled work in longer-term projects. Johanniter international assistance supports people every day to meet their needs, whether through access to medical assistance and drinking water or in their struggle for the wish to live independently. Our activities in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe focused on the improvement of basic medical and orthopaedic care, as well as disaster relief and prevention. The Project Report 2012 offers an insight into Johanniter’s global commitment.


Here you can download the Project Report 2012 as PDF file.

Flyer: Good development!

The Johanniter briefly and concisely present their international work with the core competencies of basic health care, medical disaster relief and prevention, and rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

Learn more about the worldwide work of Johanniter International Assistance in the PDF, in German or English.

Flyer: Friends for life!

For 60 years, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe has been active in the most diverse social and charitable areas, whether in outpatient nursing, emergency rescue and first aid training, in child and youth work or in international aid projects.

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