Austrian and German volunteers at the annual training camp of Johanniter International Assistance

Frankfurt, Germany, 16. September 2018

All pictures by ©Johanniter/A. Wagner

From 14 to 16 September, Johanniter’s volunteers from Austria and Germany gathered near Frankfurt for an annual training camp. A severe earthquake with many injured people needing urgent medical care was simulated. For the newest Johanniter’s team members, this camp was the occasion of their first practical exercises for future assignments abroad. They received theoretical and practical courses including a familiarisation with the material used. In addition to 18 volunteers from Johanniter Germany, 3 volunteers from Johanniter Austria were involved in the training camp.




In recent years, the number of severe natural disasters has steadily increased, as well as the number of countries calling for international assistance. In 2017, Johanniter International Assistance was successfully classified as Emergency Medical Team 1 mobile (EMT 1 mobile) by the World Health Organization (WHO). Our German JOIN member was the first team worldwide classified in this category and also the first non-governmental organisation having passed this process.



The team is composed of 21 members, including specially trained medical personnel, logisticians and support staff. Johanniter EMT is ready for deployment within a few hours from pre-alert and is capable of operating self-sufficiently during several weeks under field conditions. Instead of setting up stationary treatment center, the Johanniter EMT drive with small mobile units to villages and remote regions where the help is most needed.