Trauma Foundation

Every year about 1.6 million people suffer an accident, such as road accidents, sports injuries or during everyday life. At the emergency department of the Medical School Hannover patients arrive who from one moment to the next need extensive medical care. Time is here an important factor: while a trauma patient is still on his/her way in the rescue helicopter we already prepare a team of experts which is expecting the patient at his arrival in the casualty room.

Then perfectly well organized procedures start, innovations which our specialists control perfectly well: from small invasive operation techniques to computer assisted surgery to tissue engineering. What often appears as a miracle to the rescued patient and his family is reality: the perfect coordination of abilities and possibilities in an internationally renowned high performance trauma centre.


That we can help seriously injured patients with this state-of-the-art medical know-how, that we succeed in passing on our knowledge to the next generation of exceptional surgeons, that does not go without saying. Research, development and training cost a lot of money. Investments which cannot be provided any longer by our health service. For this reason the trauma foundation was created in 2004.

Mrs Daniela Koß
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