Kenya: Joint Statement on Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

Nairobi, 14. June 2018

Recent sexual harassment incidents involving aid organizations in different countries have raised the critical issue of zero tolerance for sexual harassment and misconduct.

Our aim is to safeguard communities, partners and the staff who we work with as development and humanitarian organizations.

As international organizations working in Kenya we know from our work all over the world that violence against women and children knows no nationality. Violence against women and children may manifest in different ways and a person may be targeted as a result of ethnicity, gender identity or socioeconomic status. The problem is ever-present.

We are committed to contributing to a world where women and girls have an equal voice and can claim their rights regardless of their ethnicity, gender, identity or socioeconomic status. We work directly with women and girls in communities across Kenya. We listen to their needs and provide them with the tools and skills they require to help and support themselves.

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We have a zero-tolerance policy against any form of sexual harassment and misconduct and maintain clear policies against sexual abuse and exploitation aimed to protect our staff, partners and beneficiaries.
We have whistleblowing mechanisms for encouraging staff to come forward if they have any concerns. If an allegation is made, processes are in place to ensure that immediate investigations are undertaken and that decisive action is taken, when deemed necessary.

Our organizations are committed to creating an environment in which people feel safe to report incidents that make them feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way. It is our priority that staff and beneficiaries feel confident that our safeguarding policies will protect and support them.

We the undersigned, as a section of development and humanitarian non-governmental organizations working in Kenya, would like to reiterate our commitment to upholding our policies of zero tolerance on any form of sexual harassment and misconduct.

We are committed to ensuring allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse are investigated and that appropriate disciplinary measures are taken. Our organisations report incidents of sexual exploitation and abuse to the appropriate authorities.

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