Over 660,000 Syrian refugees have sought asylum in Jordan. The constant stream of refugees shows no signs of slowing down, and tens of thousands of Syrians have been forced to live in inhumane conditions at the border region. That is the principal reason for Johanniter´s activities in Jordan since 2012.

Johanniter has provided over 10,000 refugees with essential relief goods upon their arrival since 2012. Together with local partner organisations, Johanniter distributed supplies including blankets, mattresses, hygiene kits and heating materials to provide protection from the cold during the winter months. Over 700 accommodation facilities have been rehabilitated within city districts to ensure humane and healthy living conditions for those seeking refuge. Due to the increasing number of refugees, more and more people are being forced to share the water. By repairing facilities and providing new pipes and filters, 2600 people have gained access to clean water.

Many people are living in inhumane conditions, with infrastructure deficiencies including inadequate water and power supplies. Moreover, they lack the right to work and thus cannot improve their situation by themselves." Walter Berier, Director of Johanniter Regional Office in Amman

Relief for Traumatised Children

Furthermore, Johanniter focuses its assistance primarily on traumatised children and families. Together with our partner organisation United Muslim Relief, child-friendly spaces have been set up where children have the opportunity to develop, learn and play in secure, tranquil surroundings. Trained psychologists and social workers help the children overcome their often severe traumas.

Many of these refugees suffer from anxiety and nightmares. They withdraw from the outside world and fall silent, isolating themselves. To combat these symptoms, psychologists encourage the children to talk about their experiences. The safe spaces provide a haven from the hardships of a life which fails to meet the needs of children. In addition to psychological support, Johanniter provides computer, art and other courses in the centers to offer young people better prospects for a new life. More than 1000 children have been reached so far.

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